Email Privacy Doesn't Exist

Everybody wants to read your mail[^]

Ever since there has been email, there has been controversy as to how private it is.

In the early years thru the 90′s many ISPs had no way of going through all of the data, so they hired 3rd party developers to create “sort-n-serve” tools that we now call search engines.

If you think that google is the only one looking for the keywords in your inbox, think again.

What do you think Hotmail, Yahoo, and AOL have been doing for years. They may not be as direct as google and TELLING you that they are doing it, but they are.

Fool yourself all u want, but the truth is everyone of the services u use wants to use your data as a way to advertise or to forcast trends and social movements.

As for me I don’t care if they read my mail, so long as I can download the file into my thunderbird app and take it with me.

The only real option for privacy is to stop using the internet and your cell phone. Yeah, good luck with that!