Robert Bronson – Computer Shaman?

My good Friend Mark Shepard of posted a video about me and how I helped Mark with his technology. Hear for yourself what Mark said I did for him, and what I can do for you…

Emergency!! I need Help.

Does that sound familiar to you?

It does to me. I hear it more often than you think. An all to common cry for help. Help me, fix my computer, things aren’t working the way I want them too. Why isn’t the [fill in the blank] working??

When I get asked or the unexpected call, I ask them what exactly isn’t working. I ask them have you been keeping up with your Operating System Updates? Are your Anti-virus and Anti-Spyware tools up to date?

And the Answer is….


So why does it not surprise that they are calling me, either out of desperation or sheer panic when things break down and stop working. Right when you need them the most.

What I am referring to is Maintenance. Maintaining a computer or peripheral equipment and software’s are as important as the “Freshness Date” of the products you are using in your regular life. There is a phrase used in Industry and it is called by its acronym M.T.B.F or for the rest of us “Mean Time Before Failure.”

Its up to you to make sure that your machine is running in tip top shape.

The most troubles you will get from your computers is from a lack of maintenance. You must know that your software is up to date, and whether the updates help or will hurt your existing “working” setup.

There are a few things you need to put in place to prevent most problems from taking you by surprise.

1.      Backing up your files and programs info. You hear it all the time (hopefully) because it’s the #1 thing that will pull your bacon out of the fire. It’s also your only saving grace when your machine gives up the ghost. When I say backup I mean to an EXTERNAL MEDIA, such as an external hardrive, or CD / DVD copies of your information.

2.      Cleaning out your hard drives. If you’re not using your programs or data a few times a month, why is it sitting there taking up space? Old Records and Pre-Installed programs you aren’t using is not helping you at all by being there. Back it up, or get rid of it.

3.      Cleaning Up the Registry in windows has been a daunting and extremely unfavorable task in the past. Even downright impossible. Until Now, you can use a simple utility called TweakNow Regcleaner. It has a 1-2-3 step cleanup and does wonders to your system.

4.      Removing Old and Slow Antivirus Programs. Also remove any 3rd party firewalls you have in place. Most people barely check their email online, let alone shopping or checking their bank balance. If you fall into this example, why do you need so much protection? It only gets in your way and slows you down.

5.      Updating your Operating System. This is something akin to car or home maintenance. Also I must tell you that the old adage of “if it ain’t broke don’t upgrade it!” fit here if anywhere. There are many competing industries trying to get you to buy their latest products. Even from the ones you just bought from a few weeks to months ago. I suggest that you wait and see if your system requires it.

6.      Trash your peripherals when they aren’t performing like they used to. This includes Mice, Keyboards, Monitors, and Printers. When they start to act up, or just are misbehaving, don’t give them a time out – just get rid of them for a new one. It’s that simple. They are made to break down, or get used up. When they do, spend the money, or you’re just wasting your time with them.

7.      If your throwing it out RECYCLE it! This is best for you and the environment, plus you could get fined for putting electronics in the landfills. In case you didn’t know, there are serial and machine numbers on equipment. Most of these records have to do with maintenance and files on “who has what” and “where it is.” But these same records can come back to haunt you. When you buy specific equipment for your office, its registered to you alone. Now, if you throw it in the trash instead of recycling it. It will come to haunt you with fines and fees. Electronic dumping is a fineable offense. Take the time to know where to dispose of those batteries and electronics properly.

Keep in Mind that these are just guidelines. However, they just might save you form more headaches in the long run.