5 step checklist to get your computer back to work

Sometimes we have things go wrong.

Computers, cell phones, fax machines, copiers, etc…

What do you do when you need these things to work and they don’t?

How do you know what to do with them and decide if they need replacing or just maintenance?

How much will it cost?

I created a checklist for you to easily identify what the problem can be and how to proceed next.

So here’s my 5 steps to minimize your technological meltdowns in the Future checklist:

1.  Don’t buy cheap appliances or devices that you will depend on when you need them. If you need it to just work then spend the extra money.

2.  Try to keep a cool head. When everything around you is going to hell, your emotions can impact your environment. The little things turn in atomic meltdowns, and technology is sensitive to these types of high energy environments. Take a breath before you fax, cool down before you copy that important document.

3.  Read the manual. I have solved innumerable problems by being able to go back to square one in the operations of a device and follow it step-by-step to accomplish certain tasks that were just not happening. When all else fails, read the manual again, then follow it.

4.  When all else fails – it may just be time to replace it and buy another one. You may not like it but things do break down and stop working.  If it ain’t working, then get a new one and get back to work.

5. When in doubt or just want it done, contact  me. Many times a issue or frustration can be alleviated by calling on someone who knows this stuff better than you do. I have helped many a friend and associate troubleshoot, resolve an issue or diagnose the need to replace in a matter of minutes versus spending hours or days on a machine that just isn’t going to work no matter what you do.

I hope that these steps will help you in the future.

If you are experiencing a technology crisis, you can contact me through the form below, and I will try to help you resolve your problem or point you in the right direction.

Have a Happy Birthday?

All I can say is it happened again…

That time of year, on a “special day” that everyone wishes you well, while the rest of the year they couldn’t stick enough knives in my back. Hypocrites.

The Special Day I’m referring to is ‘The Birthday’. Its starts off the same as any other day. Then the phone rings, another relative wishing you a happy birthday and all that. BLAH, BLAH, BLAH.

It is on this day that I can think of  how to best use this birthday time, is to remember all of the crap you went through to get to this point, at this very time. You know, like the moment your in now reading this article. Similar, and yet different.

Don’t get me wrong, birthdays can be filled with laughter and food and great moments. However much I want that to be true it just isn’t going to happen. So as I sit here alone, eating my birthday strawberry cheesecake [ one of the few things that remind me that it is my birthday] I leave you with a few words of wisdom.

Perseverance is only one way to make it thru the Gray that is life.

However, One must take a moment and see how far you have come,

rather than see how far you have yet to go.

-Robert Bronson [ now Age 33 ]

I won a hot wing contest in New Haven

How HOT can a Hot Wing get?

On August 1st, I was taken out to a dinner of my choice by a business friend. So, I decided to try out the NEW Wing restaurant in downtown New Haven, CT.

The place was nicely arranged, with a friendly staff.

As I was looking through the drink menu, I noticed there was a hot wing contest. The rules were simple, but the challenge was not. Eat 6 wings covered in a impossibly hot sauce in 6 minutes or less. You must leave no meat OR Skin Behind.

Sounds simple right?


These wings were right out of my own recipe book. It was like eating HELLFIRE and you had better start Loving It. As I got ready for the challenge my stomach started to get worried once I smelled the wings. When I was to told to start – I ate with all abandon. Consuming wing after wing, until I had eaten all 6 before the required time limit. Under 3min 30 seconds.

There was a crowd that started to gather, they were cheering me on had helped, but I guess being able to eat something that usually causes most people to faint at the smell let alone eat 6 of those spicy chicken wings was something else.

In the End I won the contest, had my saucy-faced picture taken, and got a Free T-shirt in the process!

Not Bad for a grand opening.

I hope they do well in New Haven. Go Buffalo Wild Wings, New Haven CT.