Feds Set to Eliminate Water Regulations…

Can you believe it.

Its not bad enough that we have to wonder what is in our drinking water, NO.  Now I heard from Wired.com that the bush administration is going to repeal more regulations that keep our drinking water clean enough to not kill us.  But now added in the repeals of these regulations, neurotoxins, the stuff that kills and damages nerves is included in the deregulations on certain lethal and damaging chemicals.

And this is our DRINKING WATER I’m talking about here.

Is this unreal or what. It wasn’t bad enough that we are in a resource crunch, instead they deliver the pink slip to the American people saying “Thanks for not voting us back in… by the way… where did you get your water from?  ’cause you might be drinking something you shouldn’t”

I for one am looking into Reverse-Osmosis filters real quickly.

Read more about this insane artice here.